RIIA is a Los Angeles-based fine jewelry brand established by Valerie Chaika in 2017. RIIA channels an obsession with minimalist, constructivist, and suprematist art movements to revive the elegance of pure forms.

In a true neo-minimalist fashion, our designs radically eschew the overly decorative, ornamental aesthetics of conventional jewelry with flashy stone centerpieces. Instead, RIIA calls attention to the materiality of the object. Our designs begin with blocks and grids, and from there explore the possibility of play through asymmetry, repetition, and moments where elements of a piece interact through movement, weight, or points of contact. RIIA pieces engage a meditation on form, the simplicity of our shapes and materials emphasized by careful artisanal construction.

To ensure the highest quality of production, we partner with talented artisans who hand-craft every item in Los Angeles. Currently, all of our artisans are women with more than twenty years of practice. We choose methods of sourcing our materials that have a positive impact on people and the land. To top it off, our pieces are made purely of precious metals, promising the finest quality and enduring value. 

  RIIA jewelry is a product of time, attention, and care. Each piece is personal, made unique by the touch of our team. All pieces are adaptable to modifications in size, or material.



Explore some more of the principles that make us a brand you can be proud to wear:

Handcrafted to Perfection

We preserve a high level of craftsmanship in the production of our jewelry. Each piece is carefully handcrafted through a process of bending and hammering, resulting in jewelry that endures time and wear. The minimalistic designs of our jewelry require precise skill to finish.

Local Investment and Women in the Workforce

There are few artisans with the high level of production techniques required for fine handmade jewelry, and fewer of them are women. RIIA’s production team is currently made up of only women artisans. We believe it’s essential to support women in the industry, and provide them with an equal opportunity and compensation in the market.

Quality Materials, Quality Ethics

 Metal mining practices have a heavy hand in labor abuse and environmental devastation; we aim to diminish the impacts of dirty metal by reducing the demand for newly mined materials. Because our reclaimed metals are refined back to their pure elements, they match the quality of newly mined metals, minus the dirty footprint. RIIA jewelry is made of recycled and re-refined precious metals.

Not only is our jewelry ethically produced, it’s also made of superior metals. We use .925 silver and our alloy is tougher and more tarnish-resistant than average.

Timeless Value

Precious metals are a commitment to timeless quality and extended product life. We see the promise of a brighter future for the consumption of goods: one that focuses on local consumption, recycled materials, and slow fashion. Where some other brands sell copper or silver-plated jewelry for the same price, RIIA’s pieces are made purely of precious metals. Silver, in particular, stores an immense value that withstands fickle societal states. RIIA pieces are a dedication to honest, reliable, and valuable materials. This means when you buy RIIA, you’re not just getting a beautiful piece of jewelry–you’re investing in the future.

People of RIIA

RIIA seeks to spur a change in the representation of beauty in the media. We want a new kind of role model, someone who strikes us with their personality and empowering attitude. We encourage a broader understanding of beauty, one that honors unique variations of the human figure and of human character.

We see jewelry as a tool for the reflection and expansion of the self. Let that self be a rebellious one that defies limiting standards of beauty.



"The Future of Jewelry 2018" by Melissa Joy Manning, a leader of the sustainable jewelry in the USA and co-founder of CFDA Sustainability Committee and the CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative.